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Welcome to our Playground.

Fiction Writers Playground is a site developed by fiction writers for fiction writers of all levels and experience. If you decide to register to become a member of our writing community, we believe you will find much here at the Playground to interest you, to aid you, and we hope, to amuse you.

Central to the Playground is our Story Component Generator™. Premised on the principle that all stories are composed of the same set of fundamental components (i.e., protagonist, antagonist, precipitating crisis, resolution crisis, etc.) the Story Component Generator™ is essentially a randomized data base designed to produce hundreds of thousands of unique “sets” of story components. Each one of these sets is like a bag of building blocks, for you - the writer - to play with, arranging and rearranging them in your mind as you conjure up the narrative that ties them all together into a story. In the process, you give that most important mental “muscle” a fiction writer has - your imagination - a good workout. And it’s fun.

You can play around with a truncated version of the Story Component Generator™ here, without registering.

But, if you register, you get access to much, much more. For example, in the Members’ version of the Story Component Generator, you can choose the gender of your protagonist, and the genre in which you want to generate a set of story components. You can enter no-entry-fee, cash-paying writing contests based on various uses of the Story Component Generator. You will be able to contribute to the data base underlying the Story Component Generator™, thereby becoming part of one of the largest literary projects ever undertaken: the creation of an ever expanding data base of story components, the ultimate size of which is limited only by the collective imaginations of all the writers who decide to participate.

Registering will also get you access to our Playground Discussion Forum, a place where we gather and talk about projects we are working on, books and stories we’ve read that have been important to us, the pitfalls and pleasures of the fiction writers’ life style, publishing opportunities, and almost anything else of interest to Playground Members. A portion of the Forum is devoted to Members Links, where you can talk about yourself and your work and provide links to your personal web site or sites where people can purchase your work. It is through the Forum that we conduct the majority of our communications with our Members about plans for the site, announcements, and changes, both made and proposed.

Best of all, registering to become a member costs nothing. We do require a working e-mail address, but we promise not to use that e-mail address to spam you or sell it to anyone who will. You can read our full Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

Writing, for the most part, is such a uniquely solitary activity that we have heard many writers over the years bemoan the fact that, unlike musicians, writers have no way to sit down together and simply “jam”; i.e., combine their talents in a spontaneous and extemporaneous creative communication. With our Story Components Generator, the ongoing evolution and growth of its underlying data base, writing contests and Discussion Forum, we hope we have provided the possibility for something approaching a similar experience for writers.

We hope you join us. And again, on behalf of everyone who makes Fiction Writers Playground possible, thanks for stopping by.

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